Our wines are subject to change with the seasons. This is the most current list. ​Updated June 20th, 2018

Sparkling Wines

Jaqueline Brut  - France

​Moletto Prosecco di Treviso - Italy

Red Wines

​Felix Lavaque Red Blend '07

Le Relais Chateauneuf Du Pape '15

L'Arco Super Tuscan '12

La Guillaumette Bordeaux Superior '15

Quara Estate Cabernet Sauvignon '16

Blazon Pinot Noir '16

Lujuria Malbec '16

Maison Chanzy Bourgogne '15

L'Arco Chianti '15

Old Soul Cabernet Sauvignon '16

White Wines

Felix Lavaque Torrontes '11

Whites Bay 

Sauvignon Blanc '14

Pascual Toso Chardonnay '16

Vineland Estates Riesling '16

Tarima Blanco

White Blend  '14

Chateau L'Orangerie

Bordeaux Blanc '15